Monday, 26 February 2018

New year, new beginnings

Long time no see. Last year was busy (I always say so). I honestly didn't have time to myself or enough inspiration to write. A lot of things happened. I moved to Paris and finally found things that are important and matter to me. Fell in love with the city and people.

Let me tell you something about myself...

... Or being someone. I could call myself a workaholic. I enjoy it but sometimes I really should calm down. I drive myself crazy. I would get bored if my life would always be the same though. Working in Paris taught me a lot. I think you should always do your best and support each other -What ever it takes. Actually I am a perfectionist too. Never satisfied and always late. And that's why Paris. I will come back over and over again. Always.
Iris Anna Sofia in the streets of Paris
NEW LOOK blazer
PULL&BEAR trousers
ZARA heels

Absolutely a person who never wears pink. But never say never. Tried it once and now working on it. Truth be told, I believe less is more but once again don't take yourself too seriously. A blazer is the piece I think everyone should own. With sharp tailoring it smartens up your casual outfit and always looks good. Never goes out of fashion -even if it's pink.
Iris Anna Sofia wearing the blazer
After having a little girl talk with my dear friend Sylvie, I started to think how funny it is how much one person can change you. Actually I realized why I started this blog. For me it's a place where I am able to share my interests. It kinda helped me to be myself and grow as a person. Feeling more like myself after these years. Writing is something what makes me happy. As well as dressing up. That is something you should do, something that cheers you up. And a damn good reason to keep going. Right? Hey babes, I am back in business!

Photos by Matilda Morelius

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