Monday, 28 August 2017


 MONKI sunglasses
ANNA RUOHONEN cardigan and trousers
H&M scarf
ZARA heels
Yeah, I decided to go all red everything. I was once again the crazy red lady on the streets of Helsinki. We had late breakfast with my favourite parisian girl Matilda and that was the perfect reason to wear this super cosy look. You just need to have the right mood to wear something as bright as this, right? In my opinion the upcoming season is always a good moment to try something new and break the boundaries. Remember I was talking about the power colour a while ago? This time it was totally all about maximizing the effect and going to the next level wearing mohair and silk pieces by Anna Ruohonen. As my sweet customer told me "it's going to be Autumn and I wanna wear more colours like you have the red" And it made me so happy!


Photos by Matilda

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